Science Is Fun

The Commonwealth Women’s Network, Malta,  is working in partnership with CASTME, the Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators , to empower mothers, carers and those who work with young children to value the importance of their role as “first educator”.

Talking Science Project

A project in rural Bangladesh to increase self esteem of women through heightening their awareness of their knowledge of science and technology from their everyday lives and talking to their children.

The Bike Project

CASTME has supported the purchase of 6 children’s bikes. The project for interested
mothers resident at Sreepur Village (www. was initiated by a
Colombian donor who gave some money with which 7 bicycle mending kits were
purchased locally and one child’s bicycle that children of residents could borrow,
‘paying’ with the tokens they earn in the village’s token economy. Children of the
staff had these bikes and from providing some for the children for residents now they will
be able to learn to ride too. There is real everyday Science (STEM) in the working of
bicycles and riding them. Kids love it

STEM Activities in Malta

Problem Solving

Human Body - Taking Temperature