Our History:

The Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators (CASTME) was established in 1974 as an NGO recognized by the Commonwealth Secretariat.  It is a member of the Commonwealth Council for Education (CCfE). 

CASTME has members throughout the Commonwealth, and regional groups in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. It has advisers based in Australia, India, Mauritius and Antigua and Barbuda. 


CASTME seeks to encourage networking and links between Commonwealth countries through a network of regional meetings, papers at conferences and its website.

Its aims are to share best practices in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for all age groups, to demonstrate the relevance of STEM to local environments and to promote the relationship between them.

These aims are met within informal teaching and learning sites and communities as well as those within schools, colleges and universities.



CASTME’s mission in the Commonwealth is to promote the teaching and learning of STEM in a social and locally relevant context and to ensure that access to such learning is universally available. It produces a twice-yearly newsletter to disseminate CASTME activities from around the world, and holds a memorial lecture in London biennially in memory of Dennis Chisman, whose vision established CASTME.



One of CASTME’s projects is encouraging mothers and carers of young pre-school children to recognise the everyday science in their lives and point such to children hence increasing science experiences, of both the adults and the children, as well as their communication literacy skills.  It is interested in the science inherent in play, particularly in less affluent areas.